How To Sell A Hoarder Home In Oak Cliff

How To Sell A Hoarder Home In Oak Cliff

After many years of buying real estate in the Dallas/Fort Area and through out Texas, we have purchased many hoarder homes. These situations can be and are a bit different than buying any other house. So, if you are dealing with a property with years and years worth of acquired possessions, the idea of selling can seem overwhelming. Below, we offer some tips to help you “sell your hoarder home fast in Oak Cliff,” without the costs or stress you may expect! 

Do you own a hoarder home in Oak Cliff you need to sell? Or maybe you want to help a friend or family member sell a house that has most stuff than you know what to do with. Either, way, the tips below will help you sell your hoarder house fast in Oak Cliff. And remember, at We Buy Houses Cash Dallas, we will make you an offer to buy your hoarder house in it’s as-is condition, making it easy to sell without any hassles. Keep reading for more great tips!

Get Organized

When you see all of the items piled up, filling closets, cupboards, and rooms, you may feel very overwhelmed. It can be difficult to even know where to begin. You’ll want to organize yourself in the way that makes the most sense. You can start by putting like-kind items together. This way you can go through said items, determining what to give away and what to keep.

Or you could plan to go room by room through the house, deciding what to do with the items as you go. You’ll want to designate space for the items you want to take with you, what you want to sell, what you want to give away, and what you want to throw in the trash. Not only do you need to organize the house, but you will also need to organize your plan of attack.

If you inherited the home, then most of the items through out the house is trash and can be thrown out. This will allow you to sell your hoarder home in Oak Cliff, as quick as possible.

Be Ruthless

Should this be your homestead, a lot of the items will have to go. But you do need to be mentally prepared for this before you say goodbye to your stuff. Take heart in knowing that your usable items are going to people who need them. If you have a lot of things you are keeping out of sentiment, it can be a good idea to take photos, which can be stored digitally, not taking up any space. When you are wanting to sell your hoarder home in Oak Cliff, there are many times when you just can’t make a decision on what to keep and what to throw out.

Even if you decide to print a few out, a photo album takes up much less space than your boxes of trophies, old clothing, and books you don’t want to forget about. You can implement some of the strategies taught by Marie Kondo to eliminate all of the excess clutter once and for all. You need to be ruthless and remind yourself that stuff is just stuff. If you really want to sell your hoarder home in Oak Cliff, without the help of a direct buyer, you may find that you have some work to do. Your only option is to get in there and do the work.

With that said, finding a real estate agent to help you sell your hoarder home in Oak Cliff, maybe difficult to not happening. I have yet to find or know of any real estate agent that will work with a hoarder home problem. Know that the condition is usually a horrible one, and that the agent can wait and get other houses on contract is usually what they will do.

Focus on The Good

If you decide to list and sell hoarder home in Oak Cliff, showing it before everything has been cleaned out, you’ll need to get creative in your presentation. Seeing the piles of junk that have piled up over time can send many people running the other way. You want to help your buyers see what can be.

High light the big windows, the big yard, or the new appliances. Whatever is great about the home, make sure it is highlighted front and center. People base a lot of their buying decision on their first impressions of the property. If you want to sell a hoarder home in Oak Cliff, the traditional way, you’ll want to do everything you can to make your prospective buyer’s impressions of the home a good one!

When you highlight the great things about the home, hopefully, the not so great things aren’t as apparent. That said, you will need to disclose every potential problem with the house to your potential buyers, not doing so can be considered fraud.

Sell The House As-is… Junk and All

The fastest, easiest, and most stress-free way to sell a hoarder home in Oak Cliff, is to sell it to an honest, professional, and experienced homebuyer such as We Buy Houses Cash Dallas. When you sell to us, we will but the house as-is, no matter what you want to leave behind. We will handle your unwanted hoarder home in Oak Cliff, junk and all! You will be able to sell the house without any cleaning, repairs, or property showings. You can have all the time you need to clean out what you wish to keep… we will close whenever you are ready.

If you need to sell a hoarder home in Oak Cliff, reach out to our team before committing to an agent. Our team will make sure the selling process is fast and easy so you can sell your hoarder home fast in Oak Cliff, without any extra costs, hassles, or wasted time!

Do you need to sell a hoarder home in Oak Cliff? Whether you have more stuff than you know what to do with, you inherited a house, or you’ve had a hoarder tenant occupying the home, our team can help! Click here to reach out to us today to learn more! (214) 723-1304.

As A Wrap

Whether or not you inherited a hoarder home in Oak Cliff you need to sell, keep in mind that hoarding is illness that must be handled with medication and consultation of a physician. Many times, once the property owner handles his or her mental state, it is easier to handle all the hoarder in the home in order to sell the it.

We have seen beautiful hoarder homes and the ugly ones as well. Either way the home needs a lot of attention to be sold via a real estate agent. At We Buy Houses Cash Dallas, all we ask is that you take what you want, all the heirlooms and other items that the family would like have. You can then sell your hoarder home in Oak Cliff. Having to sort though all the items in a hoarder home can and is very tiring and trying for everyone involved. Go ahead and give us call to see what we can do to help you with your hoarder home.

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