How To Sell Your House With Liens or Tax Problems In Dallas

How To Sell Your House With Liens or Tax Problems In Dallas
Sell Your House With Liens or Tax

Are you burdened with property that has liens and taxes due. “Sell your house with liens or tax problems in Dallas?” You don’t have to feel stuck. Learn how to sell your house with liens or tax burdens in our latest post, from We Buy Houses Cash Dallas. We are buying houses through out the DFW area all year long. You do not have to worry about what to do with your burdened property.

As a homeowner in Dallas, it can feel impossible to sell your house with liens or tax problems. If you don’t have the cash to pay off the debt, you could be stuck with the property for much longer than you would like, driving you even further into debt. In the post, you will learn more about property liens along what you can do to sell your house no matter what you are up against.

What Is A Lien?

Per Investopedia, “A property lien is a legal claim on assets which allows the lien holder to obtain access to the property if debts are not paid. A property lien must be filed and approved by a local county records office or state agency. It is then delivered to the property owner with specific terms notifying them that action has been taken to repossess a piece of property.”

In case you didn’t know, you can sell your house with liens or tax problems in Dallas. No problem. All the liens and or taxes will be paid out of the proceeds of the sale of the house. We do this every week at We Buy Houses Cash Dallas, when as we purchase houses for our multiple rehab programs, or vacant Lot purchases. It i s the responsibility of the Title company to inform the lien holder that the property is being sold and should they want payment for they’re lien, they need to provide all information before the Title clears for sale.

In the case of real estate, your lender may place a lien on the house if you are not paying your mortgage in a timely manner. Homeowners can also be hit with a mechanic’s lien or a judgment lien when work is performed on the property without any payment ever received. If the homeowner isn’t able to pay off the lien, the issuing party has the ability to foreclose on the property. By placing a lien on the property, the creditor stops your ability to sell the house until the debt has been repaid in full.

Sell Directly To We Buy Houses Cash Dallas

With a direct sale of your house or vacant Lot to We Buy Houses Cash Dallas, you will be able to leave the liens and tax problems behind. You won’t have to find the money to pay off liens or to pay off your back taxes. We will handle all of the debts, while quickly and efficiently buying your property for an excellent price. All of the hassles and headaches could be over in only a matter of days, allowing you to sell your house with liens or tax problems fast in Dallas!

We usually write up a real estate contract to purchase your property whether it is a house or vacant Lot. We then start the negotiations as how much to pay for the property while at the same time include the liens and or taxes due. This is a very easy process, and we do this every week.

Once all is negotiated and agreed to, the owner seller signs the real estate contract along with our acquisitions people, we then present the contract to the Title for clearing. The Title company will then run a Title search. when the taxes or liens appear, the Title company will contact the lien holder or tax office to inform them the property is being sold and that should they want to be paid on the lien or taxes, or release them. A very simple and easy process. At closing all the liens and or taxes will be paid off, leaving the seller with the balance of the proceeds.

Create A Repayment Plan

While paying off everything you owe all in one shot can feel overwhelming, many creditors will work with you to create a payment plan to help you pay off your debt. Before you feel too defeated, reach out to the creditor to try to work something out. Ultimately, their goal is simply to collect what they are owed.

Making an effort will help your creditors feel more forgiving and willing to work with you. To this point, and so you know, you can sell your house with liens and tax problems in Dallas. As described above, you do not have to wait until the liens or tax problems are paid off. We will help you with that. At We Buy Houses Cash Dallas, we are always looking to purchase properties in the DFW area and we can help you with these issues.

Once the liens are lifted from the property, you will be able to sell your house, but this can take a considerable amount of time depending on how much debt you are in. When working to pay off the debt, it could mean that you end up holding onto your house for longer than you wanted to. Once your debt is repaid, you will be able to move ahead with the sale of the property, but you may miss out on some great opportunities while you wait.

Dispute The Lien

If a lien has been issued against your property that you disagree with, not all hope is lost. You have the right and the ability to dispute the lien so long as you have a strong rebuttal. You’ll need to have supporting documentation and a valid case against the creditor.

To strengthen your case, you’ll want to start fighting the lien as soon as it is placed against your home or vacant Lot, if not before. Ultimately, you want to do all you can to make sure a lien isn’t placed on your property in the first place. Typically, there are a number of requirements a creditor must meet before issuing a lien, so keep in mind, they have already done their homework on what they are rightfully owed. So should you do you homework and know that you can sell your house with liens and tax problems in Dallas.

If you are disputing a lien based on poor performance by your contractor, keep detailed records of what you were promised, what you received, and all of the money you spent to fix the errors. Be sure to include inspection records, dates, and photos with your other evidence. At best, you can take your case to court and if you do have all records with you and can prove your position is correct, you can win the court case and not have to pay anything, including the court fees, which the loser of the court case will pay.

Consequences of Not Resolving Your Liens and Tax Problems

Ultimately, if certain liens go unresolved you may run the risk of losing your home or vacant Lot. As this does depend on what State and city your house or other property is in, and the laws therein. Now, it is always good to pay your debts and not get into a position of not paying. But you can sell your house with liens or tax problems in Dallas. At We Buy Houses Cash Dallas, we work with these problems every week.

In some states or cities, when taxes or liens go unpaid, the creditor has the ability to foreclose, assuming ownership of the property themselves. If you have a lien on your house or if you have problems paying the property tax, you will want to take action right away. You owe it to yourself to reach out to your creditors to resolve the situation, or work with the team at We Buy Houses Cash Dallas, to sell your house right away.

At We Buy Houses Cash Dallas, we can help you finally sell your house with liens or tax problems in Dallas! Reach out to us today for more information! (214) 723-1304.

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