Why Selling To An iBuyer is Risky, Cash for Houses

Selling To An iBuyer is Risky

Are you thinking about selling to an iBuyer in Dallas, Tx? Well you need to know that “selling to an ibuyer is risky”, and here you can learn why the process can be risky and what alternatives you have instead in our latest post by We Buy Houses Cash Dallas!

The rise of iBuyers is having a dramatic effect on the real estate market. While the convenience can be appealing, there are ways to sell that are just as easy, without costing you a fortune in costs or fees. Keep reading to learn more about iBuyers and the risks they pose to home sellers in Dallas, Tx!

Less Personal

When you work with an iBuyer selling your house is risky, in Dallas, Tx., the process won’t be nearly as personal as working with a local agent or a local home buyer such as We Buy Houses Cash Dallas. An iBuyer isn’t going to take the time to get to know you and your personal situation. iBuyers will typically throw out an offer and move onto the next house. In many cases, you are just a number to them!

An ibuyer completely works on numbers to make they’re money. They do not care about any situation or your reason for selling you house. Now, if you are looking for a house buyer who cares about your situation and one who will listen to you, then you need to be working with a local house buying company. To say plainly, ibuyers are in for the money they can get.

Low Offers

An iBuyer is not going to take the time to learn about all of the property’s benefits. Instead, they use automated software to determine the value of your home. Many times this is why selling to an ibuyer is risky, at best. While computers can do this pretty well, they will often miss out on things that affect your home value. iBuyers will often make blanket offers to homeowners in a specific region. While the price might work for some people, it may not work for you.

It can be much more beneficial to work with someone with their feet on the ground as opposed to relying on what a computer has to say about your property. This is why we say, selling to an ibuyer is risky. Don’t commit to an iBuyer for your house in Dallas, Tx., until you explore all of your selling options. Run the numbers by getting a no-obligation offer from our team today! We will make you a cash offer, plus we can help you understand what to expect if you should go with an agent. We will sit down with you and show how we came up with our numbers to your understanding. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need so you can make the best decision about how to sell your house in Dallas, Tx!

Not Local

From knowing the neighborhood to understanding what is possible with the property, iBuyers just aren’t going to get it. Selling to an iBuyers is risky, and typically buy houses nationwide, making it nearly impossible for them to understand every nuance of your local real estate market.

Now, as local home buyers in Dallas, Tx., we understand the local market better than anyone. We will always pay you a fair price, closing on the day that is best for you, or we can close in five days if that works for you. When you work and selling to an iBuyer is risky, as you will be on their schedule, possibly even asked to clean up before you go. As We Buy Houses Cash Dallas, we make things as simple as possible for you, even handling all of the clean-up.

Less Wiggle Room

When you work with a professional buyer or a Dallas real estate agent, you will have some wiggle room when it comes to the negotiations. You will usually be able to strike a deal when working with somebody more local. When selling to an iBuyer is risky, at best for they make you an offer and that’s it. There is no going back to the drawing board. If you want to negotiate, the iBuyer is likely just going to move onto the next property seller.

At We Buy Houses Cash Dallas, we want to work with you to find the price that makes the most sense. We aren’t trying to buy your house at the lowest price possible, rather we want to work with Dallas, Tx., homeowners one on one to find the offer price that makes the most sense! We want to help you reach all of your selling goals! We do ask that you the seller be as honest and respectful with us as we are with you.

High Fees

Working with an agent will typically cost you around 6% in commissions. Selling to an iBuyer is risky, and can cost you anywhere from 7.5% to 11.5% of the sale price! So let’s say you sell to an iBuyer for $200k. You could lose out on $23,000 in fees and costs! That is a fortune! Plus your offer will likely be much lower than what you would receive on the open market. If you want to avoid ALL agent fees and commissions, selling to a private, professional buyer is the way to go! Working with We Buy Houses Cash Dallas, will ensure you receive a fair price without any of the red-tape or fees. We pay the closing cost and we do not charge any commissions when buying your house.

What To Do Instead

Selling to an iBuyer can be risky. Many people see it as a fast solution for an old or run-down property, which it can be, but it comes with a cost. While the process may be fast, you will likely receive much less when all is said and done, o top of all the fees and commissions you will be charged.

Working with a professional and local homebuyer will likely put more cash in your pocket while saving you time. We understand the local real estate market and what is possible with houses in this area. We will always pay you a fair price, customized to your personal property!

Click here now to get in touch with us today to learn more about selling to an iBuyer in Dallas, Tx.

In Summary

When selling your house, you need to contact as many professional cash buyers and real estate agents as you can stand, just to get a handle on what all the cost are and could be, verses what the benefits are when working with and selling your house to a cash buyer. It would take a couple of hours inside two days to find out what you need to make a good decision. Just remember, we are local to the Dallas, Texas market, we do not charge any fees or commissions, we do pay the closing cost for you, and we will make you fair cash offer to buy your house and close in five days if needed, or on your time frame.

 While iBuyers may resemble house flippers, they tend to be more risk-averse and are not present in all markets. Since 2014, iBuyers have extended their reach into 22 markets nationwide, with no signs of slowing down. In contrast to flippers, iBuyers focus on purchasing moderately priced homes (with the largest company acquiring homes ranging from $100K to $500K), steering clear of properties that may entail lengthy or costly renovations. This typically includes avoiding short sales and foreclosures, properties constructed before 1960 or situated in flood-prone areas, and those needing significant refurbishments. It is advisable to review an iBuyer’s eligibility criteria in advance. Selling to an iBuyer is risky, most of the time.

Thank You for taking the time out of your busy day to read our blog post, and we hope you come back next week for more on Dallas, Texas real estate investing, have your self a great week.

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