Using An Agent to Sell Your Dallas Mobile Home?

Using An Agent to Sell Your Dallas Mobile Home?

The decision to sell your mobile home is just the first of many decisions during the sales process. ‘Using an agent to sell your Dallas mobile home?’ Next, you must decide just how you will sell, and the most common method naturally comes to mind, listing with a traditional real estate agent. An awareness of the standard operating procedures of real estate agents may bring visions of paying out a substantial amount of your equity in commissions. 

Other downsides with a traditional listing are the complicated paperwork and how long the process will take, dealing with the hassles of showings, and possibly spending thousands on repairs and updates before ever realizing a penny of profit. 

Did you know that you could avoid all of the negatives of real estate agents by making a direct sale? With so much to consider, you may find yourself wondering if you should be using an agent to sell your Dallas mobile home?


While there is always the option of listing your own mobile home, it takes a great deal of time, money, and know-how to sell your property, especially in the high-tech world of real estate today, so often owners like you grudgingly pay out high commissions. Commissions, broker fees, and marketing costs are all a part of using an agent to sell your Dallas mobile home? If you prefer to save your money, why not consider a direct sale and avoid all the listing fees. You can keep the commissions for yourself by making a direct sale to a professional investor like those at We Buy Houses Cash Dallas; our offer is the amount of cash you’ll take from the closing table to the bank, without anything coming off the top.


For many who are considering selling their mobile home, the thought of handling the complicated paperwork alone is why they decide to use an agent. However, some documents carry legal consequences in a conventional sale if incorrect, along with looming deadlines, can be stressful to handle, even when using an agent to sell your Dallas mobile home? The alternative is easy, with a direct sale, there is just a simple contract, and the paperwork is all over. Your direct buyer should go through the process with you step by step and be happy to answer any questions, like those at We Buy Houses Cash Dallas will.


How long the process will take when you list using an agent to sell your Dallas mobile home?, is an unknown factor. While a real estate agent may be able to provide you with an average number of days their listings stay on the market, they are unable to give you a closing date, let alone promise that your mobile home will sell while you keep paying bills. Did you know? Your closing date is guaranteed by making a direct sale and could be in as little as seven days. The direct buyers at We Buy Houses Cash Dallas understand through years of experience that sometimes you need a little more time to be ready for a move, so we can set the closing date whenever it’s convenient for you.


If you are using an agent to sell your Dallas mobile home?, you should prepare for showings by keeping your home clean and picture-perfect at all times, having a plan of where to go, and any necessities packed at the ready. A buyer will often have a short time in Dallas, Tx. to look at a property and request an immediate showing. Be sure you have a place for any pets and their supplies so you can quickly remove them from sight. Personal belongings should all be out of view as a part of the staging process, which increases sales. Would you rather skip the entire showing process? Making a direct sale to a professional investor like those at We Buy Houses Cash Dallas means you don’t even need to clean up. We will be the only ones viewing your mobile home.

Inspections and Repairs

Are you concerned about the repairs you will need to make if you are using an agent to sell your Dallas mobile home? A real estate agent is likely to suggest an update of your mobile home, at the very least, from fresh paint to replacing any outdated appliances, flooring, or even cabinetry. Often, the inspection will bring unknown problems to light. Now you’re faced with out-of-pocket expenses to bring everything up to par for a listing, or the alternative, selling at a bargain price. Did you know when you sell directly, you won’t have to make any changes or pay for any repairs? Direct buyers like those at We Buy Houses Cash Dallas buy your mobile home as-is, which means you can leave all your troubles behind.

Using An Agent to Sell Your Dallas Mobile Home?

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