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Robert Hernandez:
All right. Today, we’re in Garland, Texas and we’ve got this little old three bedroom, one bath. Strange layout on this house here, but we’ll work it. We’re going to work it out. I’m going to take you inside. We’ve got a two car garage. Get inside and… Got some foundation issues here. Definitely foundation issues. Messed up walkway. It’s cracked, needs to be replaced.

Must be the dining area. This is a small two car garage. Small two car garage. Now, this is the kitchen. I told you this is a strange layout on this house. Dining area out here, living area here with a fireplace, closet. You have a small bedroom. Your bathroom. Again, this is a three bedroom, one bath, two car garage, brick in Garland, Texas. We’re doing some work already. Here’s a funny room. Got a room with an extra room over here, so let’s knock out some walls here. Fix all this.

Let’s go to the backyard, see what we have back here. The door is ajar. I need to check that, be sure this is stable and locked. It’s supposed to be locked all the time. Got a brand new fence in the back. Nice shed. Fencing is taken care of. It doesn’t look like we need any fencing. Maybe a gate. It looks nice back here, kept. Going to replace that roof.

Okay. Again, it’s Robert Hernandez out here. We buy houses cash, Dallas and we’re in Garland, Texas, suburb of Dallas where we purchased and closed on this property a week ago. I’m just now getting out here to do my videos. I see. Okay. Okay, yeah. Foundation issues here. Definitely. And that’s it for this one. Robert Hernandez, we buy houses, cash, in Dallas, in Garland, Texas, suburb of Dallas, Texas. Thank you. Did I even have that going?
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