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Our City of Oak Cliff is considered to rank as one of the overall most diverse Suburbs of Dallas to live in. This particular ranking grade takes into account some key indicators, as far as location demographic composition, which includes levels of variance in race, age and income levels of the residents, as an attempt to measure the area’s extent of diversity. Keep in mind that we buy houses in Oak Cliff, (214) 723-1304 and done so for 20 years.

The numbers come from the most up to date data available from several places such as, the FBI, Department of Education and the U.S. Census. Which were gathered from over 100M reviews, survey’s, and the resident’s of Oak Cliff, in order to help us to better understand what school’s or neighborhoods’ are really like. We can help the homeowners in Cliff, as we buy houses in Oak Cliff,. and sell our rehabbed house to new home buyers.

You can find Oak Cliff, Tx., on the Southwest bank of the Trinity River, just two miles from downtown Dallas in the center of the County. At one point Oak Cliff was the original township of Dallas, bordered by Colorado Blvd. Cliff St. and Thirteenth St. As the community grew, the founding member call it Oak Cliff. Residential development began in the area, and towards the end of 1887, it proved to be a great success. Finally, development was enhanced in Oak Cliff, and the steam-powered railway was completed to connect the community and downtown Dallas. We Buy Houses in Oak Cliff, to continue that development.

We Buy Houses in Oak Cliff, (214) 723-1304

Oak Cliff was incorporated in 1890 with a small population of only 2470 residents and a post office, which closed in 1896. Business included several grocers& meat stores, a hardware store and a feed store. The Texas Paper Mills Company was big business back then as was the Oak Cliff Planing Mill and Artesian Well Company. with a few elite residential areas being development, the little city was growing Westward. We buy houses cash in Oak Cliff, in hopes of building a more modern area. Due to the growth, a newspaper ‘The Oak Cliff Sunday Weekly’ sprung up and was published. Here now, we have cash for houses in Oak Cliff.

For years development continued, but fell to the depression area of 1893, and the need for any vacation resort decreased, quickly. You see, Oak Cliff, Texas which was Dallas’ one-time resort oasis, faced a hard flood. She was originally designed to not only attract the wealthy residents, but to become a tourist attraction as well. Once we buy houses in Oak Cliff, we sell our rehabbed home to new home buyers.

A versatile neighborhood, with a diverse set of indentities. As from a freedman’s town near tenth street to being a resort destination during the Gilded Age, Oak Cliff has continued to grow since it’s inception more than a century ago. From the first documented settlers, to the great flood of 1908.

Robert Hernandez…:
All right, we’re here in Oak Cliff, Texas, the original Dallas until they annexed it and wanted to create a new Dallas that went across the Trinity. But here is a ugly house that we purchased. We’re going to do a full rehab on this. I’m going to walk you through the inside of this house. Small living room, small living area. Looks like somebody’s bundled up there. Got a bedroom, closet, what is this to be another room. We have the kitchen. We’re here. Somebody had lunch here. We got another bedroom, a extra room here in the back. Let’s step outside, real quick. Have a look, a see out here. These things are common when we buy houses in Oak Cliff, and all of Dallas. We have cash for houses in Oak Cliff, and close in 5 days if needed.

It’s all ice, all ice today. Shack back here in the back. There’s a lot of work. We’re looking at probably a good… we bought it at lot value, so we’re probably going to have to do at least a $80,000 rehab here. I say we level it, level the whole place start new, build new, but the partner wants to rehab it. Says it can be done in a short time. Hopefully I don’t fall and bust it up here. Moves, move. We have cash for houses in Oak Cliff, and we want to buy your house today!

Let’s go through the kitchen again, see what else we can find here. Back through the living room. We have a bedroom, extended room here, a bathroom back here, matter of fact. Then we got two bathrooms in this place. Very nice. This could be the master bathroom. We have the house bathroom here and then we have another room here. Couple of closets, walk through. Small house, small ugly house. But that is what we have here today in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. This is Robert Hernandez with We Buy Houses in Oak Cliff.

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