We Buy Houses in Dallas, Tx. – 5 Renovations to Avoid

Many people jump into flipping a house with great intentions, only to find themselves buried in renovation work. Often times, one project will lead to another costing you time and money.

If you are flipping a house for the first time, we buy houses in Dallas, Tx., and we can tell you that you should be aware of these 5 renovations to avoid.

Flipping a House in Dallas

1. Don’t Get Personal

Many people buy a house intending to flip it, but they start redesigning it as if they were going to live there themselves. You don’t need to spend weeks deciding on the perfect carpets or paint colors. Avoid any expensive finishes or other high priced accents. The bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s not for you. It simply has to be functional. Major cosmetic improvements are better left to the buyer who intends to actually live in the house. Most buyers will prefer choosing their own accents anyhow. We buy houses in Dallas, Tx. All improvements should be done economically and in as short of a time frame as possible. When it comes to flipping houses, time really is money!

We Buy Houses in Dallas, Tx. – 5 Renovations to Avoid When Flipping a House

We_Buy_Houses_in_Dallas_Tx_5_Renovations_to_Avoid_When_Flipping a_House
We Buy Houses in Dallas, Tx. – 5 Renovations to Avoid When Flipping a House

2. Kitchen & Bath

We know… when we  buy houses in Dallas, Tx., “the kitchen and bath sell the home.” Sometimes. However, people would rather pick out their own tiles than have someone do it for them. Fix things that are damaged, but don’t spend your money on an entire kitchen or bath renovation. Instead, spend your money on new lighting fixtures, drawer pulls, and faucets. There are many small changes and improvements you can make that will give the kitchen and bath a facelift, without breaking the bank.

3. Leave The Basement Unfinished

The expense of finishing a basement will have an adverse effect on your ARV. (After Repair Value.) We buy houses in Dallas, Tx. Let us show you how to buy your fixer upper house. You will not see a return on your investment that will ever make finishing it cost-effective in a flip. Leave an unfinished basement as is. The new homeowner can choose how they would like to use the space. Many will appreciate being able to set up and design the area to meet their needs. Some people will use it as a family gathering area, where others will use it as an office or gym. No matter how it is used, properly finishing the walls, floors and ceilings can be a daunting and expensive undertaking!

4. Never Add a Pool or Spa

Adding a pool or a spa to a house you are flipping is similar to throwing money away! This is another renovation that you should leave to the discretion of your buyer. The costs can be great, without any significant return on the final sale price. While you might think a pool would look great in the backyard, keep in mind, that it isn’t really your house, and the money can be much better spent! We buy houses in Dallas, Tx. We can show what not to do with your first fixer-upper.

5. Keep Landscaping Simple

Simple touches you can do yourself will have a huge impact. In many cases, simply pulling a few weeds and trimming back hedges and trees will dramatically change the appearance of an over-grown property. You can give your property instant curb appeal simply by adding a few flowers and cleaning up the front door and mailbox. Do not invest money in professional landscaping or design. This is another project better left to the next buyer.

During any house flip, it is important to set a budget and stick to it. Most construction projects will ultimately exceed your timeframe or budget. If you plan ahead for this, you can be assured you won’t be completely thrown off track by a small bump in the road.

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